Since 2015 my clients have benefited from my professional consulting services. I have been an integral part of transforming my clients' businesses through a number of services catered to suit their specific needs. See what my clients have to say and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Donna Tennant

Donna2 CustomI have been privileged to work with Remco in partnership and under his leadership on various projects for the past 10 years. Remco has consistently demonstrated that he is a strategic leader.

As an outside-the-box problem solver and creative thinker, Remco breaks down seemingly complex situations into manageable, marketable and measurable segments.

Through his work in multi-cultural settings, he has honed a global perspective that informs regional, provincial and national business responses to challenging issues.

Remco addresses the past and present to harness a profitable future for organizations in any industry.

His keen sense of humour, personal charm, extensive technical knowledge on numerous fronts, and his practical intelligence make him a powerful force in business.

Otto Ballintijn

Donna2 Custom As a European company, Reduct contracted Remco to explore the market potential for our products in Western Canada. Not only did Remco provide highly valuable market analysis and potential entry strategies, but he also proceeded to successfully implement the chosen strategy until Reduct identified an industry-specific local partner.

During the years we worked with Remco, he proved to be a driven and focused individual who does not let the odd set-back lose sight of the target. His straightforward and direct style of communication enabled us to follow the progress and, when required, make changes to targets.