About me

I will not follow where the path may lead, 

but I will go where there is no path,
and I will leave a trail.
Muriel Strode

About me

RemcoI was born the child of Dutch immigrants, and at the age of 10 moved back to Europe where I lived for over 30 years. In the years leading up to returning to Canada, I was working with various companies in diverse industries allowing me to hone my skills and expertise that I now share with my clients.

There is an expression I admire: “You are never too old to learn”. Utilizing my European business experience, where I was educated with the philosophy that anything you do or change within an organization affects more than just your department or job, is what I have brought back with me to beautiful Canada.

I use that same holistic approach to business, sales and organizational processes, asking “what would happen if we looked at this problem from a different perspective” with successful results. My passion is to assist businesses in realizing their strategic vision, increasing revenue streams and lowering operation costs.

My experience in Canada and Europe covers an array of industries ranging from business development services to traffic control to construction management. I have achieved significant revenue increases, assisted companies in restructuring and setting up business processes and management strategies, and created concept designs and marketing tools.

My biggest satisfaction comes from seeing a client or business exceed expectations and knowing that I was part of that process.



PodCast - The "Flying Dutchman" gives us the business compass to success!