About me

RemcoI was born the child of Dutch immigrants, and at the age of 10 moved back to Europe where I lived for over 30 years. In the years leading up to returning to Canada, I worked with various companies in different industries allowing me to hone the skills and expertise that I now share with my clients.

There is an expression I admire: “You are never too old to learn”. Utilizing my European business experience, where I was educated with the philosophy that anything you do or change affects more than just your department or job. This thought process is what I have brought back with me to my new home in beautiful Canada.

I believe a business doesn’t need help all the time. An organization has the ability to achieve its strategies and goals without outside help, and the leaders/managers are in their current position for a reason.

People make the right choices in life and their business daily. However, on occasions when you do need help, you will appreciate a guiding hand or a sounding board that understands your pain. When that moment comes, you need a confidant who can amplify your passion, a business partner who sees your goals and has that same fire you have to propel the business forward.

And most importantly someone you can trust to have your back will be brutally honest and doesn’t see this as another gig but as a calling to help others succeed.

This is why I do what I do, believe in what I do and achieve results through my passion, conviction and unwavering core values.

A client will never be another paycheck but a friend in need looking for a sounding board or helping hand so the rocky journey to success is not lonely but shared.